Bus Reservation System in C++ with Source Code

To download bus reservation system in c++ with source code and screenshots, you can scroll down till the end of the page. The bus reservation system is the most commonly made program to do practice in c++ in the university of college. Our system is based on Object-Oriented Programming practice concepts as it is using the struct type of data structure. There is no login option so this system is not protected by the password. An external file is used to store data so there is no chance of losing data ever until unless that file is available. We have few features but they are massive in usage and performance.

Bus Reservation System in C++ with Source Code
Bus Reservation System in C++ with Source Code

Features Included in Bus Reservation System

1. Install New Bus
2. List Available Bus
3. Book Seat
4. Exit

Details of Features in Bus Reservation System 

Install New Bus

Suppose, we are going to build a system of reservation than the 1st thing we will need is the bus. So in 1st option, you can add details of all buses. This function is fully loaded with values i.e bus number, source, destination, departure, and the total number of seats. lately, you can add more buses as per requirement.

List Available Buses

Now we need to see the buses available on a particular route so that we can book the seat to generate the bill. This method is called searching which is named as list available buses. Here is the key, bus number is the unique variable, which will be used to search the whole database.

Book Seat

1st of all we will search for the desired bus by its number. Then we’ll enter the details of passenger that can be the name, ID, and more. A single person can book multiple seats so there’s an option of multiple seat booking. After booking, the final bill will be displayed. Bus#, source, destination, departure, seat number, and amount plus 7% VAT tax will be printed on the receipt.


On the exit, you will get all day sale amount.

Download Bus Reservation System in c++ with source code from below link in download button.  This project is made by using different variables, arrays, structure classes,  loops, selection statements, and functions. Use this project for educational purpose only. This project is not for commercial use. The simplest project to store and manage the Bus Booking in bus reservation system in c++ with source code. Tested on Dev C++ version 5.11 Compiler.

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