File Management System with Source Code in PHP

File Management System project in PHP with source code is developed using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript. This project is developed to handle all type of files like doc, CSV, and text. There are two types of accounts available. Admin account can control everything and user account can do stuff related to it. Using CRUD is a plus point for this project. Where user can Update, Delete, create and search its record or files. Basically, all the features will be under the control of the admin account. Admin is the main player of this project where he/she can delete user accounts. Deleting user accounts is a key point. Scroll down and press the download button to download file management system in PHP with source code free

File Handling System source code in PHP
File Handling System source code in PHP

Features Included in File Management System

How it works?

Admin can control each and everything in this system. The user can upload any type of files such as PDF, DOC, CSV, TXT, and other formats. All the files have different icons. The user can identify the file by its icon as well. Each document will have some information i.e contract number, subject, section, description, document file, company, reference number, employee, and date are included in this section. So the user can easily access the files by selecting a category mentioned above. If we talk about the rights of the user, then the user can delete his document or update its information which is quite easy.
Simple design makes it easier to use so no one will face any difficulty while operating or using this file management system. The simple and sound project is developed under the requirements of an individual or a company. This project will fulfill all the needs of anyone either he is working alone or working in a group. Every account will have its own password so no one can access the documents or others. This function will make sure about the security of file which can be in any format like images, doc, ppt, spreadsheets, and many more.
You are only allowed to use of this file management system for the educational purpose. Selling or commercial use of this project is prohibited. You need to install XAMPP to use this project. For output, you can scroll down and see the images. 

How to Run File Management System Project in PHP?

There are some simple steps you need to deal with. 1st of all you need chrome browser which is recommended by us. Install XAMPP server properly and run Apache Server and MySQL. When you download the file, you will get a zip folder.

  1. Unzip the File 
  2. Extract All Files
  3. Copy the Project File into xampp/htdocs/

Now you are going to setup database. That file you will find into the main folder with a .sql extension.

  1. Open Chrome Browser 
  2. Enter the Address “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
  3. Go to Database Tab and click there
  4. Now create a Database with the name of “dbfiles”
  5. Click Import Button
  6. Browse file and Import dbfile.sql (this will make all database tables)
  7. Click on Go


Always remember that these provided projects are not for commercial use. You can learn from them and make your own. We encourage students to make their own projects but you can learn faster by observing the developed projects. Selling is not allowed in any case. Copyright remains to the original developer of this project. 

Free Download File Management System with Source Code Project in PHP

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