Hospital Management System in C++ With Source Code

The hospital management system in c++ is very common practice as a student can use all techniques, which he learned earlier in his course of programming. In our given project of the hospital management system, you will get various features which can be demanded in your semester project and you can use them. 1st of all, you have to pass through a password to access the program. By following the instructions, you can change the password according to your need. Hospital management system in c++ with source code and screenshots is free to download.

hospital management system with source code
hospital management system with source code

Features included in Hospital Management System in C++

1. Adding a New Patient Record
2. Add Diagnosis Information
3. Full History of the Patient
4. Information about the Hospital
5. Exit the Program

Details of features one by one 

Adding a New Patient Record

Adding a new patient record is the most important feature, which is compulsory to run our project as if there is no patient or we can’t add the new patient than how will our management system work?
Inside the adding new patient, you will get the following options.
1. Patient’s file name.
This will be used to search the patient later.
2. Name.
Here you will enter the name of the patient which will be stored in the database.
3. Address.
Every patient has a home address, which will be used to send any record via mail.
4. Contact Number.
5. Age.
6. Sex.
7. Blood Group.
8.  Any major disease suffered earlier.
9. Patient ID.

Add Diagnosis Information 

Whenever a patient admitted in the hospital, the diagnostic procedure will be started so every patient must have their diagnostic history and that history will be input by the doctors. So diagnose module is compulsory.  Features which will be available under diagnose information will be any old history of the disease, medication, admitted or not, and many other features under this section.

Full History of the Patient

Every doctor also needs to see the history of any patient who will be treated. So viewing the details of the patient is also an important part of this project. This module will show the full history of the patient.

Information about the Hospital

Information of the hospital will be under this module where you can put all the information about the hospital. Dummy information is added which is rewrite able easily.

Exit Program

after the work is done. you can simply exit the program by choosing this option. as this project is using the file to save the data so your data will not be lost.

To change password go to line# 268 or search login() and change password to your desired one.

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I hope this project will be very useful for your study purpose. for more project, you can leave a comment.

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