Hotel Management System in c++ with Source Code

To download Hotel Management System in c++ with source code you can scroll down now. This project is based on the concept of hotel booking where the user can input the customer’s detail about room booking, payments, checkout, and all other stuff.
Object-oriented based program will make it easy to edit and understand. There is no login option in this program so everyone can use it. By using the object-oriented approach, understanding the functions will be pretty simple.  There is 1 significant entity in hotel management system is that is room. The whole system will pivot around the rooms as the user can book the room. You can see allocated rooms in all hotel. Categories of rooms will also perform a significant role in hotel management system as well. 

Hotel Management System in C++
Hotel Management System in C++

Features Included in Hotel Management System 

1. Book Rooms
2. View Customer Records
3. View Rooms Allotted
4. Edit Records
5. Delete Records
6. Make Payments

Book Room 

The main characteristic of the hotel management system is booking a room. Whenever we are going to the hotel, the 1st task is done by us is booking a room where we provide our ID, name, room type, and all other information. there are 3 varieties of rooms available in this application. You can avail ordinary, luxury, and royal type of room with the different rental amount.
View Customer Records
In this module, you can see the whole record of any customer who is currently staying in the hotel. you can have a look at his name, address, phone number, and all other stuff just by entering the room number.

View Room Allocated

By choosing this option, you can see all the allocated rooms in this hotel. In case, you forget the room number where the required person is staying and you need the information by searching for him so you can simply look at his room number and search for all other details.

Edit Record

Sometimes a customer wants to upgrade or downgrade the level of the room. So here we need to update his information about the room. By choosing this option, we can change the details of that specific person by searching him with his room number where he is staying right now.

Delete Records

Another scenario is possible like if someone checkout from the hotel then you have to delete his entire record of the booking. Now by using this part of the program, you can delete the whole record of a person.

Make Payments

This Program will allow estimating the payment which will be paid by the customer when he will checkout from the hotel.
We are using an external file system so you will never lose any information about any customer. There will a file which will contain all the pieces of information that will be saved by you.

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