Online Admission System in PHP for College with Source Code

Online Admission System in PHP with source code is being developed in PHP by using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This project will fulfill each and every requirement of online admission systems such as adding information, uploading documents and payment methods. There are two types of the account named as admin and user. Admin has full control over the system but the user is the main player of this project. The user can add details about him, upload documents and many other features he will get under the user account. This project has less but essential and useful features. scroll down to download online admission system in PHP free. PHP project is available in ZIP file.   

Online Admission System in PHP for College with Source Code

How it works?

There are two types of accounts called user account and an admin account. Anyone can signup using simple signup procedure where username and password will be generated automatically. The user can upload their required documents such as transcripts, mark sheets, and many more. The user can make payments and check the status of that payments. Checking marks and status of admission is another feature of this project. In the end, the user can print his application of admission.
Admin has full control over the system where he can upload admit card in CVS format, view all the applications by users, upload marks, edit marks, checking payment status, add new manager and verify admit card which is essential.
Design of this project is user-friendly so everyone can use and navigate in the whole project easily. Every account is password protected so no one can change the result of any other student. This online admission system in PHP can be used in schools, colleges, and universities.
You are only allowed to use of this file management system for the educational purpose. Selling or commercial use of this project is prohibited. You need to install XAMPP to use this project. For output, you can scroll down and see the images. You can Download XAMPP here.

How to Run Online Admission System Project in PHP?

There are some simple steps you need to deal with. 1st of all you need chrome browser which is recommended by us. Install XAMPP server properly and run Apache Server and MySQL. When you download the file, you will get a zip folder.
Unzip the File
Extract All Files
Copy the Project File into xampp/htdocs/
Now you are going to setup database. That file you will find into the main folder with a .sql extension.
Open Chrome Browser
Enter the Address “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
Go to Database Tab and click there
Now create a Database with the name of “oas
Click Import Button
Browse file and Import oas.sql (this will make all database tables)
Click on Go
now you are ready to launch your project in your browser. Just open chrome browser and go to “http://localhost/file/”.

Admin login is provided in text file with project files. Admin can login through URL “http://localhost/enrollment/adminlogin.php”


Always remember that these provided projects are not for commercial use. You can learn from them and make your own. We encourage students to make their own projects but you can learn faster by observing the developed projects. Selling is not allowed in any case. Copyright remains to the original developer of this project. 

Free Download Online Admission System Project IN PHP 

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