Police Station Management System in C++ with Source Code

Police station management system in c++ with source code is free to download. This project is developed by using CRUD where you can add a record of any person, modify it, search all record, and delete the record of any specific person. 1st of all, for security, you have to pass through the user name password which is “admin” and “pass” for this project but later you can change it according to your need by following the given steps. A complete management system for the police station where you can save your data permanently as we are using the external file system to save the record of all criminals.

police station management system in c++
police station management system in c++

Features included in Police Management System 

1. Login by Username and Password
2. Add Record
3. Modify Record
4. Display/Search Record
5. Delete Record
6. Display All Record
7. Exit

Login by Username and Password

Protection is the most important part of any project so whenever a user wants to do any operation in this part than the user has to pass through username and password. This part makes sure that all information will be safe and any unauthorized user can’t change the information. Username is “admin” and password is “pass“.

Add Record of Criminals

Adding a record of any criminal is a module which will allow the user to enter any new record in the project. As we know that any case that can happen and make any person a criminal so adding the record will be important. While adding the record, there will be options of color, face, mark, height, and eye color, as well as the name, age, sex, crime, police station detail and many other options, will be available.

Modify Record

Here is the new scenario. if a person is in prison and the judge extends his prison then we have to modify our record. This module will allow a user to modify its record according to need.

Display/Search Record

This module will allow the user to search for any distinct criminal’s record from the database. Some times we need to see the details of any distinct person so this module will help us a lot.

Delete A Record

After completing the prison duration, we need to delete the record of that person which was inserted. Delete the information by using ID is pretty useful and easy.

Show All Record

This module will allow the user to show all the data of all criminals.   And it will be useful when you want to see the entire data present in your project.


After the work is done, you can simply exit from the application by selecting this option.
Police Station management system in c++ with source code is available to download free of cost and you can use it in your project by editing it easier. Object-oriented based project which is using structure to make objects is easy to understand.

This project will be used for educational purposes only.

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