Student Management System in C++ with Source Code

To download the Student Management System in c++ with source code, please scroll down to end of the page. The student management system is made on the concept of student admission and its management. Through this project, you can manage all the record of the student, who enrolled in school, college, or university.
This project is developed in c++ by using the concept of OOP using structure. As we are using an external file system, so there’s no chance of losing data after closing the program.  To start this program, you have to enter the user name and password as it is protected by both things so there’s no chance that any unauthorized user can edit, delete, or add the information.

Student Management System in C++ with Source Code
Student Management System in C++ with Source Code

Features Included Student Management System

1. Login
2. Enter New Record
3. Modify Record
4. Delete Record
5. Search Record
6. Exit

Details of Features


When you start the program, you have to enter username and password to enter into the program so you can insert the record of any student. This program is protected by  username and password.

Enter New Record

After the successful login into the program, now you can insert the new record of each student. You can enter the details of the students with perspectives of id, full name, class, branch, address, email, roll number, and contact details.

Modify Record

Well! you can edit all information about any particular student easily. This module will allow you to edit information by just entering the full name of the student.

Delete Record

After searching the student by entering his full name, you can delete his all data in just one click of delete. There’s an option where you can access and erase the whole record.

Search Record

Searching is the most important part of this project as this option will be used much more than others. Through this function, we can search record of any student who is enrolled in our school, college, or university. You can see all the information about the person.


this module will be used to exit from the program.

CRUD functions are principally focused on this project. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. This project is made by using different variables, arrays, structure classes,  loops, selection statements, and functions. Use this project for educational purpose only. This project is not for commercial use. The simplest project to store and manage the student’s details. Tested on Dev C++ version 5.11 Compiler.

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